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Summer Anklets


Explore our collection of summer anklets, each designed to be waterproof and a lifetime color warranty for endless sun-soaked adventures.


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ON SALE Freshwater Pearls AnkletFreshwater Pearls Anklet
Freshwater Pearls Anklet 49 reviews Sale price¥6,400 Regular price¥9,500
Gold Herringbone Ankletwaterproof herringbone anklet
Waterproof anklet"Amalfi" Figaro Anklet
Gold waterproof ankletGold water resistant anklet
"Piana" Anklet 15 reviews Sale price¥7,200
Pearls Anklet BraceletPearls Anklet
Fiji Anklet 26 reviews Sale price¥8,600
Sea Turtle AnkletGold Sea Turtle Anklet
Turtle Anklet 27 reviews Sale price¥7,600
Rope AnkletGold Rope Anklet
Mermaid Ankle BraceletMermaid Anklet
Mermaid Anklet 15 reviews Sale price¥6,800
Sold out Starfish AnkletMini Starfish Anklet
Palm Tree AnkletPalm Tree Anklet
Palm Tree Anklet 10 reviews Sale price¥6,200
Sold out Gold Pearl AnkletPearly Anklet
Pearly Anklet 9 reviews Sale price¥7,800
Sold out Water resistant ankletWater resistant Anklet
"Antigua" Anklet 16 reviews Sale price¥7,600
Sold out ON SALE Seahorse AnkletSeahorse Anklet
Seahorse Anklet 12 reviews Sale price¥6,200 Regular price¥7,800
ON SALE Silver Whale AnkletGold Whale Anklet
Whale Anklet 14 reviews Sale price¥6,400 Regular price¥8,200
Sold out ON SALE Shark Tooth AnkletShark Tooth Ankle Bracelet
Shark Tooth Anklet 13 reviews Sale price¥6,400 Regular price¥7,800