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Statement Necklace

Discover the ideal Statement Necklace for everyday wear, featuring waterproof durability, free shipping, and a lifetime color warranty. 


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Snake Chain ChokerGold Herringbone
LOW STOCK ON SALE Gold Layered NecklaceGold Layered Necklaces
"Ios" Layered Necklace 283 reviews Sale price¥9,100 Regular price¥11,700
BEST SELLER ON SALE Freshwater Pearl Choker PendantFreshwater Choker Pendant
Freshwater Pearl Choker 332 reviews Sale price¥11,700 Regular price¥15,500
Summer Pearl necklaceWaterproof Pearl Necklace
La Isla Necklace 61 reviews Sale price¥9,100
"Antigua" Choker"Antigua" Choker
"Antigua" Choker 51 reviews Sale price¥8,400
Mini Freshwater Pearl ChokerMini Freshwater Pearl Choker
Cowrie Shell PendantSilver Cowrie Necklace
Keshi Pearl NecklaceKeshi Pearl Necklace
Tropical ChokerGreen Choker
Tropical Choker 27 reviews Sale price¥8,600
Half Links Half Pearl Choker NecklacePaperclip Pearls Necklace
Shark Tooth NecklaceSilver Shark Tooth Pendant
Manta NecklaceManta ray necklace
Manta Necklace 27 reviews Sale price¥8,600
Gold Drop NecklaceDrop Necklace Gold
Drop Necklace 11 reviews Sale price¥8,400
Gold Pearl ChokerGold Freshwater Pearl Choker
Chunky Herringbone ChokerChunky Herringbone Choker
Sea Urchin NecklaceGold Urchin Necklace
TRENDING Emerald NecklaceGold Emerald Necklace
Emerald Necklace 8 reviews Sale price¥9,100
Green Aventurine NecklaceAventurine necklace
Venetia Necklace 10 reviews Sale price¥10,100
Sold out Cowrie necklaceCowrie Choker Necklace
NEW big beach necklaceSummer Nautilus Necklace
Palau Necklace Sale price¥9,500
NEW green stone pendantgreen stone necklace
Green Stone Pendant Sale price¥8,800
NEW Malachite NecklaceReal malachite necklace
Malachite Pendant Sale price¥10,700
NEW Gold Greek Eye necklaceGold evil eye pendant
Athena Necklace Sale price¥8,800
NEW white choker for beachWhite gold jewelry
Barbados Choker Sale price¥8,800
NEW Summer necklacesSummer Gold necklaces
"Soleil" Layered Necklace Sale price¥10,500
NEW Gold Layered Necklacedainty layered necklace
"Azure" Layered Necklace Sale price¥10,100
NEW Inca NecklaceAventurine necklace
Inca Sun Necklace 1 review Sale price¥9,100
NEW nautilus necklaceGold nautilus necklace
Nautilus Necklace 2 reviews Sale price¥8,600
TRENDING Beach pearl pendantIsland Vibes Choker
Sunseeker Choker 2 reviews Sale price¥11,500
ON SALE Shine BundleWaterproof Jewelry Bundle
High Shine Bundle 4 reviews Sale price¥13,400 Regular price¥16,900
BEST SELLER ON SALE Jewelry Pearls ComboSummer Jewelry Bundle
Aloha Bundle 5 reviews Sale price¥15,300 Regular price¥19,200
TRENDING ON SALE Jewelry SunSun Jewelry Combo
Golden Glow Bundle 8 reviews Sale price¥13,200 Regular price¥16,500