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Sea Necklace

Discover the allure of the Sea Necklace, your ideal companion for every occasion. Waterproof and with a lifetime color warranty, it's the perfect blend of practicality and style.


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BEST SELLER Baroque Freshwater Pearl NecklaceBaroque Pearl Necklace
BEST SELLER ON SALE Freshwater Pearl Choker PendantFreshwater Choker Pendant
Freshwater Pearl Choker 235 reviews Sale price¥11,000 Regular price¥15,000
Gold Sun PendantGold Waterproof necklace
Sand Dollar PendantSand Dollar Pendant
Mini Freshwater Pearl ChokerMini Freshwater Pearl Choker
Cowrie Shell PendantSilver Cowrie Necklace
Baroque Pearl ChokerBaroque Pearl Necklace
Gold Sun PendantSummer Sun Pendant
Sun Pendant 13 reviews Sale price¥7,900
Gold Sun NecklaceGold Sun Necklace
Sun Necklace 37 reviews Sale price¥8,400
Summer Pearl necklaceWaterproof Pearl Necklace
La Isla Necklace 35 reviews Sale price¥8,800
Colorful beads necklaceColor Beads necklace
Shark Tooth NecklaceSilver Shark Tooth Pendant
Ocean CHarm NecklaceGold Ocean Charm Necklace
Manta NecklaceManta ray necklace
Manta Necklace 22 reviews Sale price¥7,300
Silver Starfish necklaceStarfish Necklace
Tropical ChokerGreen Choker
Tropical Choker 12 reviews Sale price¥8,200
ON SALE Freshwater and gold chokerPearl Sun Necklace
"Naoussa" Necklace 25 reviews Sale price¥11,800 Regular price¥13,700
Colorful Beads pearls chokerNecklace Summer Colors
Shark NecklaceShark Pendant
Shark Necklace 31 reviews Sale price¥8,100
Sold out Summer Beaded NecklaceColorful summer necklace
Sold out Gold Pearl ChokerGold Freshwater Pearl Choker
"Tulum" Cowrie Necklace"Tulum" Cowrie Necklace
Pearls Droplet PendantFreshwater Pearl Droplet Necklace
TRENDING Hammered Gold Medallion NecklaceGold Medallion Necklace
Crystal Beads necklaceGreen crystal choker
TRENDING Luna NecklaceLuna Necklace
Luna Necklace 19 reviews Sale price¥8,200
TRENDING Seaside NecklaceBold Waterproof Necklace
Seaside Necklace 19 reviews Sale price¥8,400
Sea Urchin NecklaceGold Urchin Necklace
Gold Octopus NecklaceOctopus Necklace
Octopus Necklace 11 reviews Sale price¥8,100
Sold out Quartz ChokerSUmmer Quartz Choker
TRENDING Beach vibes necklaceOcean beads choker
Santorini Necklace 8 reviews Sale price¥10,100
Crab NecklaceCrab Pendant
Crab Necklace 6 reviews Sale price¥6,900
Gold Drop NecklaceDrop Necklace Gold
Drop Necklace Sale price¥8,100
Seahorse NecklaceSeahorse jewelry
Seahorse Necklace 6 reviews Sale price¥7,500
Spring ChokerSunrise Choker
Sunrise Choker Sale price¥7,700
TRENDING Coin Pearl NecklaceCoin Pearl Necklace
Coin Pearl Necklace Sale price¥9,200
Cowrie necklaceCowrie Choker Necklace
NEW Bold Pearl NecklaceBold Chain with Pearl
Bold Pearl Necklace Sale price¥9,400
Pearl Gold ChokerReal Pearl Choker Waterproof
Pearl Power Choker Sale price¥8,400