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Nickel-Free Necklace

Discover the appeal of a nickel free necklace, designed to complement your daily style. Waterproof and backed by a lifetime color warranty, it's the perfect accessory for any outfit.


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BEST SELLER Baroque Freshwater Pearl NecklaceBaroque Pearl Necklace
Snake Chain ChokerGold Herringbone
LOW STOCK ON SALE Gold Layered NecklaceGold Layered Necklaces
"Ios" Layered Necklace 292 reviews Sale price¥9,000 Regular price¥11,500
Gold Rope ChainRope Chain Necklace
ON SALE Gold Waterproof ChokerWater Resistant Choker
"Piana" Necklace 51 reviews Sale price¥7,900 Regular price¥8,400
Dainty ChokerDainty Choker
Dainty Choker 42 reviews Sale price¥7,700
"Antigua" Choker"Antigua" Choker
"Antigua" Choker 52 reviews Sale price¥8,200
Dainty Freshwater Pearl NecklaceDainty Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Sold out Baroque Pearl ChokerSingle pearl choker
Classy ChainGold Classy Chain
NEW Birthstone NecklaceBirthstone Necklace
Boho Layered NecklaceSilver Boho Layered Necklace
Figaro ChokerFigaro chain
Gold Layered NecklaceWaterproof Layered Necklace
Layered Choker Necklace"Ornos" Layered Choker Necklace
Rope AnkletGold Rope Anklet
Half Links Half Pearl Choker NecklacePaperclip Pearls Necklace
Colorful ChokerATOLEA Choker
Aloha Choker 20 reviews Sale price¥7,700
Layered Pearl NecklacePearls Necklace
Black beaded necklaceBlack beaded Choker
TRENDING Layered ChainsGold Layered Necklace
ON SALE Freshwater and gold chokerPearl Sun Necklace
"Naoussa" Necklace 39 reviews Sale price¥12,100 Regular price¥14,000
Flower ChokerDaisy necklace
Daisy Necklace 15 reviews Sale price¥8,100
Sold out Cuban Choker WomenGold Cuban Chain Necklace
Chunky Herringbone ChokerChunky Herringbone Choker
Gold Pearl PendantNecklace Choker Pearls
Vintage ChokerGold Vintage Choker
Agape Choker 14 reviews Sale price¥9,200
Crab NecklaceCrab Pendant
Crab Necklace 6 reviews Sale price¥7,100
TRENDING Coin Pearl NecklaceCoin Pearl Necklace
NEW Bold Pearl NecklaceBold Chain with Pearl
Lucky NecklaceWaterproof Clover Necklace
Clover Necklace Sale price¥8,600
Sold out Cowrie necklaceCowrie Choker Necklace