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NOW READING: Essential Guide: How to Take Care of Pearls

how to take care of pearls

Essential Guide: How to Take Care of Pearls

To care for pearls, keep them separate from other jewelry in a soft pouch. Control humidity to maintain their shine and avoid excess moisture. Clean gently with a soft, damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals. Check for loose pearls regularly. Handle with care, put them on after cosmetics, and remove before using chemicals. Consult a jeweler for professional care. Follow these tips to keep your pearls shining.

Proper Storage Techniques

When safeguarding your Lovina freshwater pearl bracelet, ensure it is segregated from other pieces of jewelry to avert scratches, and nestle it in a soft pouch or cloth for protection. The radiance of your pearls hinges on proper humidity management. Too much moisture can make pearls expand and fracture, whereas conditions that are too dry could dehydrate them, resulting in a loss of sheen. To mitigate such problems, investing in a dehumidifier or choosing a storage spot with consistent humidity levels can be beneficial for preserving the beauty of your Lovina freshwater pearl bracelet.

genuine-pearls-bracelet_1 (1)

Avoid storing your pearls in jewelry boxes for extended periods, as these boxes often lack proper humidity control. Instead, opt for a soft pouch made of silk or muslin to protect your pearls from scratches and excessive moisture. If you must use a jewelry box, place a small bowl of water inside to help regulate humidity. Remember, pearls are organic gems that require a certain level of care to maintain their beauty. By following these storage tips, you can guarantee that your pearls remain radiant for years to come.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

To keep your pearls looking their best, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Gentle care is paramount when cleaning your pearls to preserve their delicate luster. A soft, damp cloth is ideal for wiping them down after each use, effectively removing oils and residues without causing harm. It's important to steer clear of harsh chemicals, abrasives, or ultrasonic cleaners that could damage the pearls' nacre. For more thorough cleaning, a mild soap solution paired with a soft brush can be used to softly cleanse the Bermuda bracelet and other pearl jewelry.


Regular maintenance is key to preserving the luster and longevity of your pearls. Make sure to store them separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches. Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals, perfumes, or hairsprays that can dull their shine. Periodically check the pearl strands for any loose or damaged pearls and have them professionally restrung if needed.

Cleaning Tips  Maintenance Tips
Use a soft, damp cloth for wiping  Store pearls separately to prevent scratches
Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives Keep pearls away from chemicals and perfumes 
Consider using a mild soap solution for deeper cleaning  Check for loose or damaged pearls periodically 
Use a soft brush for gentle scrubbing Have pearls professionally restrung when necessary 


Avoiding Common Mistakes

To maintain the beauty and quality of your pearls, it's crucial to steer clear of common mistakes that can compromise their appearance and durability. Many people fall into the trap of following common misconceptions when it comes to caring for pearls. Here are some best practices to help you avoid these pitfalls:

- Avoid using harsh chemicals: Common misconception is that pearls need strong cleaners, but they're actually quite delicate and can be easily damaged by harsh chemicals.

- Store them properly: Best practice is to store pearls in a soft pouch or cloth to prevent scratching from other jewelry pieces.

- Keep them away from perfumes and cosmetics: It's a common mistake to apply perfume or cosmetics while wearing pearls, as these substances can harm the pearls' luster.

- Regularly check the stringing: Many people overlook this, but it's vital to have the pearls restrung periodically to prevent breakage.

- Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures: Best practice is to keep pearls away from direct sunlight or extreme heat, as it can cause them to become discolored or cracked.

Wearing and Handling Guidelines

Ensure proper care of your pearls by following these practical guidelines for wearing and handling them. To guarantee your pearls remain lustrous, it's vital to handle them with care. When putting on your pearl jewelry, make sure to do so after applying cosmetics, hairspray, and perfume, as these substances can dull the pearls' surface.


Additionally, always take off your pearls before engaging in activities that may expose them to harsh chemicls or abrasives.

Regularly cleaning your pearls is essential for maintaining their beauty. Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe them after each wear, removing any dirt or oils that may have accumulated. Avoid using important cleaning agents or ultrasonic cleaners, as these can damage the pearls' delicate surface. Instead, opt for mild soap and water to keep your pearls looking their best.

Professional Care and Restoration

When seeking professional care and restoration for your pearls, entrust experienced jewelers to guarantee their longevity and beauty is maintained. These experts possess the necessary skills and knowledge to handle your precious pearls with care.

flat-pearl-necklace (1)

Here are some tips to guide you through the process:

- Consult with a reputable jeweler: Seek professional advice on the best restoration techniques for your pearls.

- Trust in their expertise: Let skilled professionals assess the condition of your pearls and recommend suitable restoration methods.

- Consider the restoration options: Discuss the available techniques with the jeweler and decide on the best course of action for your pearls.

- Follow their recommendations: Implement the professional advice provided to make certain the restoration is successful and your pearls are well-maintained.

- Regular maintenance: Schedule periodic check-ups and cleanings with the jeweler to keep your pearls in pristine condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prevent My Pearls From Losing Their Luster Over Time?

To prevent your pearls from losing their luster over time, store them properly in a soft pouch away from other jewelry. Also, keep them radiant by wearing them regularly as the natural oils from your skin help maintain their shine.

Are There Specific Products or Techniques I Should Avoid When Cleaning My Pearls?

When cleaning your pearls, avoid harsh chemicals that can damage their luster. Stick to gentle methods like using mild soap and water. Proper storage is key to avoiding damage, so store them separately from other jewelry.

Can Pearls Be Damaged by Exposure to Certain Chemicals or Environmental Factors?

Yes, pearls can be damaged by exposure to certain chemicals and environmental factors. Chemical reactions can harm the luster of pearls, while environmental factors like extreme temperatures and humidity can also impact their appearance and durability.

Is It Safe to Wear My Pearls While Swimming or Showering?

Wearing pearls while swimming or showering isn't safe. Chemicals in pools and hot tubs can harm them. In the shower, pearls can be damaged by soaps and shampoos. Keep your pearls pristine by avoiding water exposure.

How Often Should I Have My Pearls Professionally Inspected or Restrung?

You should have your pearls professionally inspected or restrung every 1-2 years for best care. It's crucial to follow a maintenance schedule to guarantee their longevity. Proper storage and expert advice are key components of keeping your pearls in pristine condition.


Now that you're aware of the crucial tips for taking care of pearls, you can guarantee that your precious jewelry stays beautiful and lustrous for years to come.

By following proper storage techniques, regular cleaning and maintenance, and avoiding common mistakes, you can enjoy your pearls for a lifetime.

Remember to handle them with care, wear them often, and seek professional care when needed to keep them looking their best.

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